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Regardless if you are going for cheap sunglasses or expensive eyewear sunglasses, aviators are always the best choice. I usually lean towards the cheap side because I tend to lose or break some, and I always enjoy having several pair. The large mirrored aviators work best to be on an outing under the sun. Not only do they appear cool, but man could they be dark! You are able to almost look directly into the sun when wearing a pair(but I do not recommend it!).

Today I’m an adult. I can afford nice things, and take care of them so they last for a while. I have a pair of Ray Ban aviators, which i use when biking or at the beach, and i also have a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, which I use when wearing a suit, or when going out on the town for brunch. I love them both and I often receive compliments on them. I think I like the wayfarers better, deep down, but don’t let the aviators hear that.