Characteristics of a Good Manager

Management work is not easy. A manager does the management work. Organizations and businesses cannot survive when they are poorly managed. Management work is done to make sure an organization achieves the set objectives. A manager does this work through a number of processes like planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Anyone can be a manager according to his or her qualifications. A manager can be termed as good or bad according to how he or she does his work. A number of characteristics are used to define a good manager. Some of these characteristics are discussed below.

Good communication characterizes a good manager. Organizations are only able to achieve their set objectives only if there is good communication between the members of the organization. Communication is two way Good managers and employees are able to communicate with each other. A good manager communicates the job responsibilities and expectations to the employees. A good manager also allows the employees to table their suggestions and their grievances. Good results are obtained when there is good communication since it encourages teamwork.

A good manager is experienced knowledgeable. Basically a good manager has good education qualifications. The good managers have a degree related to management. The basic knowledge from school helps the manager during his or her management work. Experienced managers are also defined as knowledgeable managers. Experienced managers have a lot of knowledge from practicing management so they are the best. The experience of the managers makes them do good work.

The good organization defines a good manager. Things a manager needs to do and when they are supposed to be done are known by an organized manager. Things like absence or lateness of meetings do not occur when a manager is organized. Employees follow what managers do. An organized manager encourages his or her employees to be organized. An organization’s objectives are achieved when the manager and the employees are organized. Good organization is learned by a good manager when he or she reads books and articles concerning the organization.

A good manager has the ability to manage time. A good manager utilizes time fully. The manager is always able to manage his time as well as the employees’ time. Objectives of an organization are achieved at the right time when the manager is good because he or she knows how to manage time. Employees are never influenced to be late by a good manager since he or she is never late. A good manager also makes time to meet and discuss various issues with the employees. The above points dictate what a good manager possesses.

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